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Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 walks you through how you can take advantage of the enterprise-level features you gain from Analytics 360. You'll learn about advanced features such as Roll-Up Reporting, Custom Funnels, Unsampled Reports, and Custom Tables. You'll also gain insight into how you can benefit from reporting with BigQuery and native integrations with Google Marketing Platform products and Google Ad Manager. Throughout the course, we'll provide you with real-world examples to illustrate how you can leverage Analytics 360's features and integrations to drive performance and achieve your business goals. If you're new to Google Analytics, you should first complete Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics on Analytics Academy.

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Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Monday·3 Links

Benefits of Analytics 360
Roll-Up Reporting

Tuesday·3 Links

Custom Funnels
Unsampled Reports and Custom Tables - Part 1
Unsampled Reports and Custom Tables - Part 2

Wednesday·3 Links

Reporting with BigQuery
Getting started with BigQuery/GA360 integration
Google Marketing Platform integrations

Thursday·3 Links

Comparing GA and CM attribution models
Campaign Manager reporting integration
CM Reports, Dimensions, and Metrics

Friday·3 Links

CM/GA360 Use Case and Setup
Display & Video 360 reporting integration
DV360 Reports, Dimensions, and Metrics

Saturday·3 Links

DV360/GA360 Remarketing and Setup
Search Ads 360 reporting integration
SA360 Reports, Dimensions, and Metrics

Sunday·4 Links

Google Ad Manager reporting integration
Using Custom Reports and Audiences with Ad Manager
Ad Manager/GA360 Setup
Course Summary